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On Thursday, October 26 at noon, the Law Library of Louisiana and the Supreme Court of Louisiana Historical Society will co-sponsor a free CLE program presented by Judge Hadley W. Fontenot on “Who is Sally Miller? The Stranger Than Fiction Case of MILLER v. BELMONTI.”  Judge Fontenot will explain and examine a 19th Century New Orleans case, both on the trial court level and on appeal before the Louisiana Supreme Court, which culminated in Miller v. Belmonti (11 Rob.La.339 (1845)). Its controversy generated newspaper articles throughout the country, and it has been cited by a number of courts of varied jurisdictions and states.  Set against the backdrop of antebellum Louisiana, the case brought to light the burning issues of the period, beginning with the exploitation of helpless immigrants, and ultimately exposing the cruelty and contradictions of the institution of African slavery. Judge Fontenot’s presentation will draw upon related publications, as well as a review of original court documents, judicial opinions, news articles, and miscellaneous writings regarding the matter. RSVP at

The Law Library is also sponsoring a CLE with Marlene Trestman to be held at the National World War II Museum on Wednesday, November 29 at noon on legendary lawyer Bessie Margolin and the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. From New Orleans's Jewish orphanage in which she was raised to the United States Supreme Court in which she championed workers' rights, Bessie Margolin made her mark on the biggest issues of her day -- including the Nazi war crimes trials after WWII. Marlene Trestman, author of Fair Labor Lawyer: The Remarkable Life of New Deal Attorney and Supreme Court Advocate Bessie Margolin, will discuss Margolin's important work in Nuremberg in 1946 shaping the historic American Military Tribunals that brought to justice more than 200 second-tier Nazis, including the judges, doctors, and industrialists. A book signing will follow the CLE. More information including how to RSVP forthcoming.

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