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A.P. Tureaud, Legendary Louisiana Lawyer: References

Biographical information about A.P. Tureaud, legendary Louisiana civil rights lawyer.

Cover of book titled: "A more noble cause: A.P. Tureaud and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Louisiana," with Tureaud pictured below the title.The information in this guide is drawn primarily from A More Noble Cause: A.P. Tureaud and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Louisiana (Louisiana State University Press, 2011) by Rachel L. Emanuel and Alexander P. Tureaud Jr. Audio of Tureaud Sr. discussing his life and legacy along with interviews with his family and colleagues is available in the film documentary Journey for Justice: The A.P. Tureaud Story.

A.P. Tureaud's historical papers can be found at the Tulane University Amistad Research Center. 


For more information on civil rights legal battles and the struggles and victories in Louisiana, check out:

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