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The Slaughterhouse Cases

The Crescent City Live Stock Landing and Slaughter House Company

Although the Legislative act was very controversial, it did have a positive impact upon the sanitation of New Orleans and its environs. Blood, manure, and offal no longer filled the streets or clogged the intake pipes of the Water Works, since all animal landing and slaughtering now took place down river.


The landing, stockyards, and buildings were located just down river from Jackson Barracks. The facility was bounded by Esteban St., Bienvenue St., and Aycock St.

This image is from an Atlas of the City of New Orleans, by Elisha Robinson, published in 1883.

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Here is an image from a wood engraving of the buildings, from The Historic New Orleans Collection.


Today the area has been replaced with warehouses, and even an indoor shooting range. Click here to go to the Google map.