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Legal Resources for the Public on the COVID-19/Coronavirus Pandemic

Southeast Louisiana Legal Services has a "know your rights" factsheet on Louisiana Medicaid cutoffs during the COVID-19 pandemic. If your Medicaid was cutoff and you need legal assistance, please contact  Acadiana Legal Service Corporation and Southeast Louisiana Legal Services directly.

If you had insurance through your employer and you have been laid off due to the pandemic, you can enroll for health insurance through the health insurance marketplace exchange (also called Affordable Care Act or Obamacare) or for Medicaid (if you income-qualify) - you do not need to wait for open enrollment because losing your job is a "qualifying life event." You can also ask your employer about retaining the plan you had through it with COBRA - but you will have to pay the monthly premium entirely yourself.

Get More Help

If you are low-income and need legal representation related to a COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic issue, Acadiana Legal Service Corporation and Southeast Louisiana Legal Services provide free legal assistance to those that qualify. Please do not visit legal service providers in person during this time. Due to the virus, all organizations are encouraging people to contact them over the telephone, or by applying for services online.

If you are looking for general legal resources (not specifically about the pandemic) for self-represented litigants and people in court without an attorney, including referrals to free and low-cost legal representation, please check out the Law Library's online guide.

The Law Library hopes you are staying safe and if you need further assistance, don't hesitate to call us at 504-310-2400 or email us at Though we are not physically in the library, we are still answering reference questions via phone and email quickly!