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Il Codice Civile: The First Translation of Napoléon's Code civil: More Information

An online version of an exhibit at the Law Library of Louisiana on Il Codice Civile, the first translation of Napoléon's Code civil, from French to Italian. This guide includes information about Napoléon's famous code and his conquests across Italy.

More Information

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The Napoleonic Code Crowned By Time

Painting portraying Father Time laying a laurel wreath upon Napoleon, who is dressed in military uniform and is writing.

The Napoleonic Code Crowned by Time

Jean-Baptiste Mauzaisse (1833)

Manlio Bollomo

The creators of the first Italian Codice Civile of 1865 had an excellent model in the French Code civil of 1804, and they followed it. In particular, the commission borrowed from its model the central and structuring idea that it is useful and possible, hence rightful, to promulgate a code valid for all citizens that provides a law that is the same for all; furthermore, that it is rightful to attempt to discipline the society of the nation in order to help it prosper in such a way that the individual within that society can be safeguarded and guided in his clearly codified rights.

Manlio Bollomo, Italian legal historian, 1995