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Asking a Court to Modify (Change) Child Support in Louisiana

Here is basic information about asking a Louisiana state court to modify (change) child support. There is also a link to a computer program to create a form to ask a court to modify (change) child support.

Is there a form for Modification of Child Support?

Yes. The law says that the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services must make forms and other information available. This guide has a version of that form you can fill out on the computer. See the tab on the left side of this guide called "Create a Form to Ask for Modification of Child Support."  

There are some pieces of information you need before you fill out this form.

  1. You need your full name and the full name of the person on the other side of the case.

  2. You need the LASES Number if you have one. Check your other paperwork to see if there is an LASES number there. LASES or “Louisiana Support Enforcement Services” is the docket number assigned to the case when the state DCFS/SES (Department of Children & Family Services/Support Enforcement Services) is involved. The proceeding is technically in juvenile court. If you are already in the DCFS/SES system: contact your assigned case worker to get the information or see your copy of the prior child support decree. The law requires that the state initiate this filing once a request is made. See La. R.S. 9:311 (C)(2) and other provisions.

  3. You need to know the name of the parish where you are going to file your papers. If you do not know where to file, find a lawyer to help you.

  4. You need to know the reasons why you are asking the court to change the amount of child support. See the list of reasons on the form. There is also space on the form to put in a reason that does not have a checkbox.

  5. As the person filing papers to ask the court to make this change, you need to put your full address and phone number on the court papers.

  6. You need the full name and address for the person on the other side of your case. This person is sometimes called the "adverse" party.

  7. You need to find out whether you need to "serve" the papers on the Child Support Office through the District Attorney's Office, or whether you need to "serve" them on the Child Support Office through the Support Enforcement Services (SES) District Office. The term "serve or service" of court papers means the specific way that court papers must be delivered to others involved in your case.