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Asking a Court to Modify (Change) Child Support in Louisiana

Here is basic information about asking a Louisiana state court to modify (change) child support. There is also a link to a computer program to create a form to ask a court to modify (change) child support.

Welcome to the Modification of Child Support LibGuide

This guide is talks about asking a court to change child support.

The guide has a form to ask the court to change child support. As of 2022 the guide and form may be pending updates.

Warning: depending on your situation, you may need additional forms or different forms.

This guide is only for Louisiana.

This guide and the forms do not cover child support in any other state. 

The guide and the computer program do not tell you what form you need for your own situation or how to use the form. 

If you do not know which form you need or how to use a form, try to find a lawyer to help you with your case.  

If you have a case that is being handled by DCFS/SES, you should have a case worker. You may want to contact your case worker about changing child support.

State and federal law say that DCFS/SES must help you with this even if you are the one paying the child support.

Note: the online forms program may work better in some browsers than in others. If you cannot get the online interview form to open in one system, you may want to try Chrome or Internet Explorer.

There are programs that offer free legal help for low-income or other qualified people.  You can search for free legal help in your parish on ( and its online directory of free legal services programs: