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Louisiana Provisional Custody by Mandate

Basic information and a computer form for Provisional Custody by Mandate in Louisiana.

Links to Some Louisiana Laws about Provisional Custody by Mandate

These are links to statutes about provisional custody by mandate from the website of the Louisiana State Legislature.

§951.  Provisional custody by mandate; conferring

§952.  Duration of provisional custody; termination

§953.  Functions, powers, and duties of agent

§954. Statutory form ["a suggested form that may be used by a person having parental authority to delegate the provisional custody of the named child"]

§962. Statutory form ["a suggested form that may be used by a natural tutor or cotutors with custody, but not yet judicially qualified, or a grandparent awarded custody of a child to delegate to any natural person the custody of the named child:"]

CC Art. 221 Authority of married parents ["The father and mother who are married to each other have parental authority over their minor child during the marriage."]