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Louisiana Small Claims Court

This guide provides some general information about Small Claims Court in Louisiana.

Here are links to some laws about small claims from the website of the Louisiana State Legislature

RS 13:5200 

§5200.  Declaration of purpose  

RS 13:5201 

§5201.  Small claims divisions

RS 13:5202

§5202.  Jurisdiction

RS 13:5203 

§5203.  Pleadings; citation; procedure; evidence; substantive law; depositions

RS 13:5204 

§5204.  Service of citation; extension of delay to answer

RS 13:5205 

§5205.  Fees

RS 13:5206 

§5206.  Reconventional demand beyond jurisdiction; filing in court of competent jurisdiction; transfer of proceedings from small claims division

RS 13:5207 

§5207.  Arbitration awards

RS 13:5207.1 

§5207.1.  Request for arbitration

RS 13:5208 

§5208.  Judge's role; judgment; new trial; stay; installment payments; enforcement

RS 13:5209

§5209.  Waiver of right to appeal

RS 13:5210 

§5210.  State agencies

RS 13:5211 

§5211.  Clerk's role

RS 13:5212 

§5212.  Applicability of Part