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Louisiana's Constitutions: 1898


The call for a new convention began in 1896 soon after the General Assembly convened. Planners structured the referendum and election for delegates at the same time, and in such a way as to exclude the "wrong" voters. White registration fell from 164,000 to 74,000, and black registration fell from 130,000 to 13,000. 

The convention began on February 8, 1898, at Tulane Hall (formerly known as the Mechanic's Institute). It's main purpose was to place the Democratic Party in firm control of the state. The delegates spent half of their time deciding the best way to disfranchise black voters. The rest of the time was spent writing the longest constitution to date. The convention  ended on May 12, 1898.

Constitutional Convention

Official journal of the proceedings of the Constitutional convention of the state of Louisiana, held in New Orleans, Tuesday, February 8, 1898. And calendar. By authority.

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The Convention of '98 : a complete work on the greatest political event in Louisiana's history, and a sketch of the men who composed it : together with a historical review of the Conventions of the past, and the General Assembly which called the Constitutional Convention of 1898. Tulane Hall

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Tulane Hall

1898 Constitution

Constitution of the State of Louisiana : adopted in convention at the city of New Orleans, May 12, 1898 : By authority.

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Tulane Hall/ The Mechanic's Institute

mechanic's Institute

(100 block University Place, demolished 1908 to build Grunewald/ Roosevelt Hotel)