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Louisiana's Constitutions: 1974


In 1970 and 1972, voters rejected a plethora of amendments, many of which should have been local matters if the agencies were not constitutional in nature. The governor and legislature scheduled a new constitutional convention, without asking for the approval of the state's voters.

The final document was much shorter than the behemoth 1921 constitution, but it was still full of special interest legislation. It did, however, finally address civil rights, something that had been ignored since the 1868 constitution.

Constitutional Convention

Records of the Louisiana Constitutional Convention of 1973

from the Louisiana House


Baton Rouge

The convention opened at the LSU Assembly Center (now the Pete Maravich Assembly Center) and then moved to the Independence Hall of the White House Inn (since razed). The planners had to seek an outside venue because renovation of the Hall of Representatives was not complete. The delegates also met at the Caribbean Room of the Bellemont Motor Hotel.

1974 Constitution

Louisiana Constitution (in vol. 3)

from Hathi Trust

Current Constitution of 1974

Current Edition, As amended through calendar year 2020

from the Louisiana Senate

Bellemont Motor Hotel

Black and white 1950s photo of atomic age style roadside sign for the Bellemont Motor Hotel. 3 people stand next to it. motel and cars in background.

courtesy Baton Rouge Fire Department and East Baton Rouge Public Library

Preservationist reflects on half century of Baton Rouge's wins, losses