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Online Legal Forms

This guide provides links to online forms maintained by courts, government agencies, legal aid, and other groups. Please note that not all forms are approved for all courts or agencies. 

We advise users to be careful when using forms from databases and ebooks. These forms can be useful templates. But every Louisiana court is different, so it's not guaranteed that your court will accept these forms. Plus, there may be additional steps or forms needed. These might not be included with the forms in a database or ebook. If you have any questions about forms, call us at 504-310-2400 (toll-free 800-820-3038) or email us at

You may also find forms available on the website of the court where you are going to file. You can search the internet for the court's website or contact the law library for help.

If you can't find the information you are looking for or need more help, please check out Referral Resources.

The Legal Education and Assistance Program (LEAP), also provides referrals and forms by parish. Check their website for more information. 

*This resource guide is updated frequently. However, if you notice something is wrong or not working, or any resources that should be added, please notify the editor at Thanks!

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