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Resources for Self-Represented Litigants: Home

This guide offers helpful information to Louisiana self-represented litigants (people who represent themselves in court without an attorney) including help finding legal information, resources, and referrals.


Gavel and block, sits atop a textual document in a stock photo.People who represent themselves in court without a lawyer are called self-represented litigants (SRLs), also sometimes called pro se litigants (pro se means "for oneself" in Latin). People choose to represent themselves for many reasons. Often it is because they can't pay for an attorney. Sometimes it is because they believe that their legal issue is simple. For whatever reason, representing yourself in court without knowing the law or how court works can be hard, but it's not impossible. This guide will help you find books, websites, forms, and other materials, which will help you in representing yourself. 

If you need help finding any of these resources, ask your helpful public librarian for assistance. Librarians are there to help you find what you need to succeed when you finally have your day in court. In Louisiana we don't have a unified court system, so each court can be a little different. All courts have to follow the rules laid down by the Louisiana Supreme Court as well as the rules in the relevant Louisiana statutes and codes. But every court can add their own procedures and rules. So make sure you know what you need for the court you are going to. The Clerk of Court can help with some things but if they can't help or you aren't sure, ask your librarian for help finding the rules and procedures for your court.  

Check out the Louisiana State Bar Association guide to representing yourself in court for more information. 

*This resource guide is updated frequently. However, if you notice something is wrong or not working, or any resources that should be added, please notify the editor at Thanks!

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