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Pet Laws in Louisiana: Wild or Exotic Animals

This guide is about pets and their owners, but not about livestock or wildlife.

Tabbies are fine, tigers are not.

Most municipalities have ordinances which prohibit the ownership of wild or exotic animals as pets. Be sure to check your local municipal laws.


By the way, lions, tigers, and bears are prohibited. As are many other wild animals. Please see Louisiana Administrative Code Title 76 section 11513

Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish

Sec. 14:302. - Prohibitions.

(a) No person shall own, possess or sell or keep a wild or exotic animal as a pet in the parish.


(e) No person shall own, keep or harbor any poisonous or venomoid snake in the parish, except institutions of higher learning, zoos or governmental agencies.

(f) No person shall allow a wild or exotic animal to escape.

(Ord. No. 9634 § 1, 5-26-93; Ord. No. 15237, § 1, 1-11-12)

New Orleans

Sec. 18-7. - Wild or exotic animals as pets prohibited.

(Code 1956, § 7-18; M.C.S., Ord. No. 25205, § 1, 3-7-13)

Sec. 18-8. - Display of notice where wild or exotic animals are sold.

No person shall offer for sale wild or exotic animals as pets. Zoos and educational institutions that are accredited and that meet all state and federal regulations may sell wild and exotic animals to other zoos or educational institutions with similar accreditations and that also meet all state and federal regulations.

(Code 1956, § 7-19; M.C.S., Ord. No. 25205, § 1, 3-7-13)


Sec. 14-20. - Keeping of wild, exotic or vicious animals.

(a) For the purpose of this section, the following shall be designated wild or exotic animals: tigers, lions, cougars, leopards, jaguars, cheetahs, lynx, bobcats, bears, wolves, chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, poisonous snakes, komodo dragons, African buffalo, hyenas, coyotes, deer, or any other member of crocodilian, including but not limited to alligators, crocodiles and gavials any other species of nonhuman primates, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, foxes, ratite birds, hybrid species consisting of wolves, coyotes, or jackals interbred with domestic dogs and ocelots or margays interbred with domestic cats.


(c) No person shall keep or permit to be kept on his premises any wild or exotic animal as a pet as defined in this section except such animals that were acquired prior to May 23, 1989.