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Pet Laws in Louisiana: Soiling in Public

This guide is about pets and their owners, but not about livestock or wildlife.

Please pick up

red fire hydrant, a stereotypical common target of dog peeIf you live in a city or town, you generally must pick up after your pet.

Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish

Sec. 14:110. - Definitions.

For the purpose of this title, the following definitions, terms, phrases, words and derivations shall have the following meaning herein, unless it shall be apparent from the context that a different meaning is intended:


Nuisance: Damaging, soiling, defiling or defecating on property other than its owner's, or on public sidewalks, excessive noise making, excessive odor, excessive barking, molesting, threatening, attacking or interfering with persons on public or private property, chasing automobiles or other means of conveyance, attacking other animals and disturbing or turning over garbage containers or running at large or interfering with another person's enjoyment of his property is hereby declared a nuisance. However, no community cat shall be declared a nuisance for running at large.

New Orleans

Sec. 18-13. - Soiling of public and private property by animals.

(a) If any public or private property is soiled or contaminated by an animal, whether such nuisance shall take place in the presence of the owner or keeper or not, or if the owner or the keeper is a minor, the parents or guardian thereof shall be deemed guilty of violating this section. This section shall not apply in a designated off-leash area or "dog park" in which the owner or keeper, or parents or guardian thereof, shall abide by the regulations imposed by the management of such area which shall include, but not be limited to, immediate cleanup and proper disposal of animal waste by the owner or keeper, or parent or guardian thereof.

(b) Any person who is in violation of this section, shall be punished by a fine of not less than $100.00 and no less than three seven-hour days of trash cleanup duties.

(Code 1956, § 7-25; M.C.S., Ord. No. 16,828, 12-15-94; M.C.S., Ord. No. 22996, § 1, 2-15-08)

Cross reference— Nuisances, § 66-241 et seq.; streets, sidewalks and other public places, ch. 146.


Sec. 14-17. - Nuisance; owner to maintain clean premises.

(d)If any part of a public street or the private property of a person other than the owner of the animal shall be soiled by the excreta of that animal, whether such nuisance shall take place in the presence of the owner or not, the owner shall, upon becoming aware thereof, promptly remove such excreta and dispose of it in a sanitary manner.

(Ord. No. 37, 2016, 5-24-16)