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Pet Laws in Louisiana: Dangerous, Vicious, and Biting Pets

This guide is about pets and their owners, but not about livestock or wildlife.


Most people, unfortunately, only think about pets and the law after someone has been bitten. This section cannot begin to address all of the legal issues involved. It is here to inform the reader that there are many laws about dog and cat bites, animals that are deemed to be dangerous, and liability insurance. Portions of some laws will be listed, but there isn't room to list them fully.

Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish

Sec. 14:204. - Owner's responsibility.

(a) Threats to public health and safety. The owner or possessor of any dog shall be held responsible and liable for any and all actions taken by said dog, including but not limited to:


Sec. 14:212. - Dog and cat bite cases.

(a) Dog and cat bite case in general:

(1) The breaking of the skin of a human being by a dog or cat shall be considered a bite case; .......


Sec. 14:208. - Potentially dangerous dog, dangerous dog, vicious dog.

(a) Level 1—Potentially dangerous dog:

(1) A dog may be classified as "potentially dangerous" if such dog constitutes a menace to public health or safety. In order for a dog to be classified as "potentially dangerous," one (1) of the following incidents shall occur:



Sec. 4-14. - Dangerous and vicious animals.

(a) No owner shall keep or permit to be kept within the corporate limits of the City of Mandeville any fierce, savage, dangerous, wild or vicious animal other than in accordance with the provisions of this section.


Sec. 4-17. - Quarantine of biting animal

Any animal which bites a person shall be impounded and quarantined for ten (10) days. During quarantine, the animal shall be securely confined and kept from contact with any other animal. The owner shall surrender the animal for the quarantine period to an animal control officer who shall quarantine such animal at the animal shelter or, at the owner's request, such animal control officer shall place such animal in a veterinary hospital, at such owner's expense.

(Ord. of 4-28-77)

RS 14:102.14

§102.14.  Unlawful ownership of dangerous dog

A.  For the purposes of this Section "dangerous dog" means:

(1)  Any dog which when unprovoked, on two separate occasions within the prior thirty-six-month period, engages in any behavior that requires a defensive action by any person to prevent bodily injury when the person and the dog are off the property of the owner of the dog; or

(2)  Any dog which, when unprovoked, bites a person causing an injury; or



Sec. 14-3. - Definitions.

For the purposes of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply:


Bite shall mean the breaking of the skin of a human being by an animal's teeth, mouth, claws or beak.


Dangerous dog shall mean any dog that when unprovoked, shall be deemed a dangerous dog if it:

(1) Bites, injures, or inflicts a bite on a human being or domestic animal either upon public property or those areas of private property that are unfenced and normally accessible to the public.

(2) Chases or approaches a person upon the streets, sidewalks or public grounds in a terrorizing or menacing fashion or apparent attitude of attack.

Sec. 14-5. - Owner's responsibilities.

Owners of dogs and cats shall be responsible for compliance with the following:


(3) Owners of animals that bite an individual are responsible for notifying Caddo Parish Animal Services.