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Law Library of Louisiana Rules of Conduct

To ensure open, reliable access to legal information and knowledge in a timely and efficient manner, these rules shall be applicable to all patrons of the Law Library. Use of the library is limited to use of the library’s books, materials, and services for the purposes of legal research and court-related activities. Violators may be removed from the library by Security.  Repeat violators may be permanently banned from the library and the building.  Consequences for violations, including removal from the library or permanent library bans, may be appealed to the Law Library Director for review.

1. Food, drinks, tobacco products, and e-cigarettes are prohibited.

2. Patrons shall not engage in behavior that disturbs other patrons or staff, such as talking loudly, making noises, running, pushing,

     using profanity, or engaging in lewd acts.

3. Patrons shall not threaten or harass other patrons or staff.  

4. Patrons shall not ask staff or other patrons for legal advice.  The librarians will assist users but are prohibited from practicing law.

5. After assisting a library patron, the library staff has the right to refuse to respond to persistent further requests that will not yield

     worthwhile results.  A library patron who persists in this manner will be asked to leave the library.

6. Patrons exhibiting signs of being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs will be asked to leave the library.

7. Patrons who exhibit offensive personal hygiene habits will be asked to leave the library.

8. Patrons shall not solicit, panhandle, or distribute any printed materials.

9. Patrons may not use the library or any library materials or equipment for their own personal, exclusive use, and may not conceal

     any library materials. Materials do not circulate outside the building so that they remain accessible to the public.

10. Patrons may talk on cellular phones in the hall if such use does not disturb others.  Library phones are not available for public use.

11. No one may steal, mutilate, remove pages, damage, tamper with, or deface anything in the library or the rest of the building.   

12. Children must be supervised and well-behaved. Children may not be left unattended. The library is not responsible for their safety.

13. Do not leave personal property unattended. The library is not responsible for items that are lost, stolen, or damaged in the

       library. Library staff is prohibited from holding personal belongings.

14. No patron shall remain in the library after closing time or after a request to leave, including emergencies and evacuation drills.

15. The library reserves the right to inspect any briefcase, bag, box, or other container capable of holding library material.

16. Permission in advance is required to conduct library tours or to use library facilities for classes.

17.  Library staff will not make photocopies for patrons on demand.  Photocopying is self-service only at the patron’s expense.

18. Photography is not permitted, per building use requirements.

Rare Book & Special Collections Policy

Many of the volumes in the Rare Book and Special Collections rooms are valuable legal and/or historical documents.  Some of the volumes are hundreds of years old.  The utmost care must be given to ensure that the volumes in these locations are handled properly.  Infrequent handling of the volumes will extend their longevity and reduce the risk of loss and/or damage.  Authorized persons handling fragile books are to wear disposable white cotton gloves when necessary, or clean hands with alcohol wipes, both of which the library will maintain a supply.  The following guidelines have been developed to ensure comprehensive risk management compliance.

Rare Book Room Tours

The Law Library’s rare book collection is a point of interest during the Court’s building tours, which vary in frequency.  In order to limit exposure and handling of the books in the Rare Book Room, all tour requests must be made with the Louisiana Supreme Court Public Relations department, which will, in collaboration with the library, determine if access to the Rare Book Room is warranted. No more than 10 persons at a time may gather in the room, and visitors must be aged 18 or older.

Use of Materials

Researchers are not allowed to use Rare Book Room materials that can be accessed in other formats (digital, fiche, etc.) or have reprints shelved in the stacks. Exceptions must be granted by the Director. Researchers must make an appointment in advance with the Director or the Associate Director to use materials in the Rare Book Room.  

When the researcher arrives for an appointment, they must check in with the Administrative Assistant or the Director. Please note: researchers who wish to use a digital camera to take photos of materials must make such a request at least 24 hours prior to his/her arrival so that Security can be notified to allow the camera into the Court.

Researchers will use requested materials in the reading room area. A staff member will pull the materials the researcher requests.  The researcher will be asked to clean their hands with disposable alcohol wipes prior to handling books if needed.  Furthermore, disposable gloves will be provided for the researcher’s use as necessary, depending on the fragility, rarity, or value of the materials used.