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Louisiana Capital Locations: 1830-1831

and some capitol places


Louisiana's legislators soon wearied of Donaldsonville and returned to the amenities of New Orleans.

The Second Session of the Ninth Legislature was begun and held in Donaldsonville, on Monday, the fourth day of January, 1830

The First Session of the Tenth Legislature was begun at Donaldsonville on Monday, the third day of January, 1831, and adjourned to, and held in the city of New Orleans, on the eighth of January.

NO. 1.
AN ACT to Change the Seat of Government.

NO. 33.
AN ACT for the relief of certain inhabitants of the town of Donaldsonville and its neighborhood.

Capital Building

Donaldsonville capitol building, small engraving. Columns, three stories, cupola.

courtesy State Library of Louisiana

1831 Act No. 1

1831 Act No. 33