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Louisiana Capital Locations: 1877

and some capitol places


1876 was marked by hotly contested and close national and state elections.1877 began with the mostly Republican legislature meeting at the State House (the St. Louis Hotel) along with the protection of the Metropolitan police and militia. The Conservative Democrats were locked out, and met at St. Patrick's Hall. Both New Orleans and the nation seemed prepared for armed conflict once again.

A compromise in Washington decided the Presidential election, placed government power in Louisiana into Democratic control, and ended Reconstruction.

No. 47.]

Making appropriations for the general expenses of the State for the year ending the thirty-first day of December, A. D., eighteen hundred and seventy-seven.

For keeper of State-House grounds. Baton Rouge, three hundred dollars.
Appropriation for rent of State-House and public offices, five thousand four hundred and eighty-five dollars.
Appropriation for gas in the State-House, four hundred dollars.

No. 72.]               JOINT RESOLUTION
Memorializing Congress for the rebuilding and repairing the State House at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which was destroyed by fire by the army of the United States in December, eighteen hundred and sixty-two.

1877 Ex. Sess. Act No. 47

1877 Ex. Sess. Act No. 72

St. Patrick's Hall

St. Patrick's hall, a 3 1/2 story building with rounded metal roof. Statue and Part of Lafayette park in forground.

image from Francis P. Burns, Louisiana History: The Journal of the Louisiana Historical Association, Vol. 4, No. 1 (Winter, 1963), pp. 83

Newspaper articles

State House

color postcard of the St. Louis Hotel. Massive 4 story hotel commands a city block.

courtesy of the Historic New Orleans Collection