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Louisiana Capital Locations: 1833

and some capitol places


The state legislature did not intend to return to Donaldsonville.

                AN ACT
Granting to the police jury of the Parish of Ascension, the lots and buildings erected by the State, at the town of Donaldsonville, commonly called the State-house.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Louisiana, in General Assembly convened, That all the right, title and interest of the State in the property situated in the town of Donaldsonville, and known as the government-house, be, and the same is hereby granted to the police jury of the parish of Ascension, to be used for ever by them as a seminary of learning; and that the State relinquish all claims against Antoine Peytavin for any transaction he may have had in relation to the said building; he, the said Peytavin having first deposited with the
Treasurer of the State a declaration of relinquishment of all claims on his part against the State in relation to the same building; any law or part of law to the contrary notwithstanding.
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
(Signed) C. DERBIGNY,
President of the Senate.
Approved March 30, 1833.
(Signed) A. B. ROMAN,
Governor of the State of Louisiana,

1833 Act March 30