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Louisiana Capital Locations: 1847

and some capitol places


No. 10.]               AN ACT
Making an appropriation for the erection of the Public Building of this State.
SECTION I. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Louisiana in General Assembly convened, That the Commissioners appointed to select a site and superintend the erection of the Public Buildings for the use of the State at Baton Rouge, be, and they are hereby authorized, to advertise three months, for plans and propositions for the State House, and select such as in their judgment may be best adapted for the objects intended; Provided, That such alterations may be made by such Commissioners, in the details of said plans, so as to secure in the same building to be erected for the use of the Senate and House of Representatives, all offices and rooms required by the State.

No. 23.]         AN ACT
For the relief of J.M. Moss.

1847 Act No. 10

1847 Act No. 23