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Louisiana Capital Locations: 1879

and some capitol places


Louisiana Constitution of 1879

Art. 150. The seat of government shall be and remain at the city of Baton Rouge. 

The General Assembly, at its first session after the adoption of this constitution, shall make the necessary appropriations for the repair of the State- house and for the transfer of the archives of the State to Baton Rouge; and the city council of Baton Rouge is hereby authorized to issue certificates of indebtedness, in such manner and form as to cover the subscription of thirty-five thousand dollars, tendered by the citizens and the city council of said city to aid in repairing the Capitol in said city; provided, the city of Baton Rouge shall pay into the State treasury said amount of thirty-five Thousand dollars before the contract for the repairs of the State-House be finally closed. 

Constitutional Convention

Official journal of the proceedings of the Constitutional convention of the state of Louisiana, held in New Orleans, Monday, April, 21 1879.

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In the Rotunda

At the center of the St. Louis Hotel was a rotunda that rose to a height of 88 feet above the ground floor. After the state purchased the hotel for use as a state house, it had floors built within the rotunda space for use by the House and Senate. Here is an illustration that depicts Gov. Louis A. Wiltz (L.A.W.) lying in state in the Senate chamber.

illustration of hotel rotunda. Casket in center, has initials L.A.W. Crowd of people. police in ceremonial uniforms. Large flag drapes wall

1879 Constitution

Constitution of the state of Louisiana, adopted in convention at ... New Orleans, the twenty-third day of July, A.D. 1879

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State House

color postcard of the St. Louis Hotel. Massive 4 story hotel commands a city block.

Courtesy of the Historic New Orleans Collection